Rules of Meeting Procedures

1. The Chairman at any meeting shall enforce order and strict observance of the Unit By-Laws. He/She shall have the right to decide on all questions of order, subject to an appeal of the meeting, determined by a two-thirds majority of those present.

2. The Chairman shall, when debate has ceased on any question put it to a vote, giving the words of the motion clearly so that no member may misunderstand the question on which he/she is about to vote.

3. A member wishing to introduce a motion shall where possible, present said motion in writing or if wishing to speak, shall rise and wait to be recognized by the Chair before speaking.

4. No motion shall be open for discussion until stated to the members by the Chairman.

5. All motions shall be decided by a majority vote, unless otherwise provided.

6. The votes of the members shall be given by answering “aye” or “nay”. If the Chairman is in doubt, he may call for a show of hands or a roll call vote may be taken.

7. No member shall speak more than once on the same subject without permission from the Chairman, unless in explanation of the motion in reply.

8. A member when speaking to a question shall address the Chairman and shall confine his or her remarks to the question. He/she shall observe the strictest courtesy, order and decorum.

9. On a point of order called while a member is speaking or when called to order by the Chairman, he/she shall at once take his/her seat and the Chairman then shall decide the point of order without debate, after which the member may proceed.

10. No amendment to a motion shall be in order after an amendment to an amendment.

11. A ballot shall be taken on a question when a motion to ballot on the previous question has been seconded and adopted without debate. The Chairman shall then proceed to take a vote on the original motion without further debate.

12. If the Chairman indicates a desire to speak while a member is on the floor, such member shall immediately sit down so the Chairman can be heard. All members shall observe the first call of the Chairman’s gavel.

13. Whenever a question has been submitted for consideration it cannot be withdrawn without the consent of the meeting.

14. A motion that has been declared lost cannot be renewed at the same meeting.

15. Whenever a matter has been discussed and the Chairman has provided an answer to this matter, it is then declared closed and no further discussions on this matter should take place any more.

16. At any time during the meeting, if a member is found to be disruptive, disrespectful or Out of Order, may be asked to be removed from the meeting by the Chairman. Such member shall then leave the premises immediately.

17. No member shall injure the interest of a fellow member. Should a member persist in a breach of the By-Law, after he/she has been duly warned, he/she shall be liable to suspension by the Executive.

Dominion Command
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